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Rock stars come in many varieties, and not all of them have a thing to do with music. Lorie Woodruff is one such individual, and if you are not careful, she will most likely have created another entrepreneurial symphony by the time you finish reading this

In the past several years, this multitalented real estate extraordinaire, author, international speaker, and host of Lorie TV has garnered some major hits, proving she is far from a one-hit wonder. This entrepreneurial rock star has appeared on TV One with Roland Martin and several radio shows, discussing credit makeover techniques; cover girl and featured in HerLife magazine, a magazine featuring inspirational women entrepreneurs; she has won numerous awards for top sales and performance in real estate sales and network marketing; has presented countless seminars on personal growth, real estate, credit repair and business opportunities, changing the lives of individuals and offering them advice on ways to earn extra streams of income through network marketing; and she established herself as a team leader for Novae, a personal growth and self development company of which she had helped catapult in the Maryland and Washington, DC area. By all accounts, Lorie will continue to top the charts with unparalleled accomplishments, not just to increase her income and personal goals, but also with the direct objective of helping as many other people as she can along the way. Lorie is not just a party of one when it comes to embracing success on all levels. She extends an invitation to succeed to everyone, and will gladly assist on the journey.
A long-standing presence within the real estate industry, Lorie was raised in the Washington DC area. She always had a strong work ethic within herself. She was nourished by the entrepreneurial spirit of her parents and used that sustenance to fuel her ambitions. By keeping true to her silly, playful, and tell it like it is nature, she continues to break the traditional molds of female entrepreneurs.

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